Early Season Kiting

Mexico was great but I’m glad to be back in the Columbia River Gorge.  Pre-season kiting in the Gorge means the skies aren’t as blue, the water is still in the 40’s & 50’s, the air temperature is in the 50’s and all the summer visitors are still skiing or in school. leaving the whole river and ever launch spot uncrowded.

Another Great Day at Rufus
Another Great Day at Rufus

I’ve been getting a few sessions between Mosier and Rufus in between spring cleaning and a few rotations at work.  I really like having the whole river to myself although there is something for the moment that you realize you are out there all alone and if something goes wrong it will be a while before you get back to shore and you will be cold (and in for a long walk).

Rock Creek - Mosier Session
Rock Creek – Mosier Session

The water temperature being in the upper 40’s reminds me of summer kiting in Alaska.  It’s just cold enough to keep you honest, but refreshing when the spray hits you.  The other thing right now that I like is that the river is high and the flow is cranking to the tune of 354k cfs (that is the good stuff).  You have to be careful though, if you drop your kite in low winds you are really going to have to work to get it back up.

This shot was taken at one of my favorite kite spots in the Gorge – Rufus, Oregon – April 14, 2017

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