Riding Moab Utah

In October the consistent west winds that draw me back rotation after rotation to the Columbia River Gorge for kiteboarding start to diminish and turn east.  When I landed in Portland I was itching to get out and do something.  With no wind in the immediate future and three weeks to get out and find adventure I loaded up the bike, hooked up the trailer and headed south to Utah.  When I stopped I was was just outside Moab in some of the most amazing country I’d ever seen.  I setup the trailer for boondocking, picked up some groceries and few local beverages then started looking for rides I could do with the bike.

There is no shortage of rides in the area.  A quick search and I had several of the usual suspects – some pretty fun, some gnarly and some I had no business even attempting.  I spent the week riding Sand Flats, Hey Joe and Bottom Springs Safari Routes, Gemini Bridges and Chicken Corners.  That was enough for me along with just general touring through Arches and Canyon Lands National Parks.

I don’t have ride reports, all the rides in the area are well covered in the rider forums and YouTube videos.  I did put together some edits, you can see them in the Videography Gallery.

The photo gallery from this trip is here.

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